71 wanted criminals arrested in Dubai, 915 vehicles seized

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Dubai’s horseback patrol have arrested 71 wanted criminals, seized 915 vehicles and issued 352 fines over the last eight months. 

This year, the Dubai Mounted Police deployed 1,182 patrols, and helped secure various activities, including sporting and community events. 

The force has 100 horses that help play a pivotal role in enhancing the safety and security of Dubai’s neighbourhoods. 

Major General Mohammad Al Adhb, director of Dubai Mounted Police Station, explained how mounted police patrols can access narrow areas that police vehicles can’t reach.

Major-Gen recalled an incident earlier this year when two officers on horseback busted a criminal gang after they suspected something was amiss when the car the three men were in featured a illegal number plate.

And, when men refused to surrender, the officers pursued them until the main police unit arrived.

The men were handed over to the higher authorities and the tools used in a theft were seized from the car.

The unit, which has 100 trained horses, also checks suspects and abandoned vehicles, train jockeys and provide remedial training for determined people.

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