‘Dubai Can’ slashes usage of over 3.5 million plastic bottles


The Dubai Can sustainability movement has seen a reduction in the usage of the equivalent of more than 3.5 million 500 ml single-use plastic water bottles since its launch in February.

The initiative achieved this extraordinary success as measured by water consumed from Dubai Can water fountains installed throughout the city.

During the last six months, 46 fountains have been installed at public parks, beaches and tourist attractions.

Organisers say Dubai Can is well on track to meet the pledge of installing more than 50 fountains across the city by December 2022.

The Dubai Can initiative aims to bring about a mindset change in how the city’s residents and visitors view sustainability, starting the transformation at the individual level and then progressing to the level of community, city, nation, and beyond.

The movement encourages creative ways of altering our consumption behaviour, one single-use plastic bottle at a time.

Since its launch, the campaign has extended far beyond the fountains themselves, with people across the city encouraged to purchase refillable bottles for use at the fountains and in their homes and hotels.

Many private companies have invested in water fountains for their offices to discourage employees from using single-use plastics in their workspaces.

The focus on reducing the usage of single-use plastic bottles is the first phase of an enduring citywide sustainability initiative.

As the momentum for sustainability measures accelerated, a ban on all single-use plastic bags came into effect on 1 June as part of a more comprehensive UAE initiative to protect the environment and reduce waste.

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