Dubai hosts first public flight of eVTOL flying car

DUBAI: Dubai hosted a historic public flight of the pioneering eVTOL flying car X2, heralding what the organizers claimed was ‘an exciting new era of short-haul flights and intelligent mobility solutions.’

The event, attended by top government officials from China and the UAE, saw the X2 developed by electric vehicle manufacturer Xpeng complete its 90-minute test flight at Skydive Dubai.

The futuristic two-seater X2 is equipped with an intelligent flight control system and autonomous flight capabilities, and is the latest generation of flying cars developed independently by XPENG’s affiliate XPENG AEROHT.

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The flying car emits zero carbon dioxide and is designed with low-altitude city capabilities in mind, with a maximum flight speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Dubai authorities have been keenly interested in unmanned aerial travel with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, previously attending the maiden concept flight of the Autonomous Air Taxi, a vehicle that will be used for the world’s first self-flying taxi service planned by the emirate.

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