If you are driving in UAE, you should know these 8 traffic violations

If you reside in the UAE, we need not tell you what a driving license means there. It is considered a valuable possession, and many residents keep it on their to-do lists.

This is because getting a license in the United Arab Emirates is challenging. The driving lessons last for many hours, followed by assessments in different parts. The authorities in the UAE are quite strict so that the drivers maintain all the rules and regulations while driving.

Violating any of the driving-license rules can make you pay a fine of up to Dh3000. Moreover, they can confiscate your vehicle too. So, it is better to know the rules.

Driving License Rules for Every Driver in the UAE

  • You need to pay a Dh400 fine if you have a foreign driving license, but if you have permission, you don’t have to pay.
  • You will earn 12 black points and need to pay a fine of Dh400 if the driving license is improper or not the one you have from the authority.
  • If the driving license is expired, then be ready for 4 black points, fine of Dh500, and vehicle confiscation for a week.
  • Pay a Dh400 fine if you are caught without any driving license.
  • In the first traffic offense, have you gotten maximum black points? Have you also failed to hand over the license? Then pay a fine of Dh1000.
  • You must pay a fine of Dh2000 when you cannot hand over your license even after receiving the highest black points in the second traffic offense.
  • Lastly, pay a Dh3000 fine when the same thing as above happens during the third traffic offense.

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