Is it worth switching to electric cars to beat rising fuel prices?

With rising fuel costs in the UAE, there’s a sudden interest among residents to switch to electric or hybrid vehicles with the hope of off-setting costs.

While the idea of not paying for fuel might sound appealing for many, there are certain things that must be considered before making the big move, says motoring expert Damien Reid.

Speaking exclusively to ARN News, Reid delves deeper into the cost of owning an electric vehicle, and how it’s often around 40 per cent more expensive than regular cars.

Maintenance of electric cars could also prove costlier, with battery issues and their upkeep among the top concerns. 

Reid talks about what it takes to keep these cars in good shape. 

He, however, is convinced that prices of electric cars will come down as the tech improves, but until now here are a few points he thinks you need to look into before making the switch.

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