Nearly 245,000 Dubai drivers maintain clean traffic record

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A total of 244,446 motorists in Dubai maintained clean traffic records in 2021 without committing any violations.

They included 194,920 men and 49,526 women, while the safest age group was 31-40 (92,851 drivers).

The figures were revealed by Dubai Police as part of their ‘White Points’ system that rewards safe drivers.

The names of 4,600 such drivers were entered into a lucky draw, with two them winning brand new cars and others obtaining white points that can be redeemed against black points, minor violations, and even vehicle impoundment period.

The cars were awarded to two Emirati women, Maryam Yusuf Muhammad Yusuf Al Balushi and Sheikha Muhammad Abdullah bin Touq Al-Marri.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, congratulated the winners and praised their commitment to traffic rules and regulations, and urged them to maintain this positive attitude.

He added that the White Points programme is part of Dubai Police’s efforts to reduce traffic fatalities and raise the level of compliance with traffic laws and regulations.

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