New images of Martian ice clouds from UAE Hope Probe

Sunday, August 7th, 2022 5:20pm

Source: Hope Mars Mission

You can now take a look at the amount of water ice clouds in the Martian atmosphere as seen by the Hope probe.

The Hope Mars Mission says “The picture on the left is an image taken by EXI that has been corrected for the effects of the instrument. The picture on the right is an analysis of the left image where the pixel values are converted to the thickness of atmospheric water ice.”

“The quantity is technically known as the “water ice optical depth”, and this image product is known as EXI Level 3 (L3) data. The L3 files are very useful for studies of the Martian atmosphere, allowing researchers to start directly with the amount water ice rather than having to derive it themselves from the more basic data.

“This will help with the improvement of our understanding of the lower Martian atmosphere and how it changes throughout the Martian day, season, and year.

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