Severed hand successfully replanted at Tawam Hospital

DUBAI: A surgery team at UAE’s Tawam Hospital have successfully reattached a man’s hand that was severed in an industrial accident, enabling him to move his fingers within a week.
A part of the Abu Dhabi Health Services Co., Tawam’s Hospital plastic and reconstructive surgery team, carried out the nine-hour emergency hand replantation operation successfully, Emirates News Agency reported on Tuesday.
The unidentified man’s arm was injured during an industrial accident.
WAM said the operating team restored blood circulation in the limb within two hours using a microsurgery technique. He was able to move his fingers within a week of the surgery.
Speaking about the surgery, Dr. Ammar Al-Dhamin, Tawam Hospital’s Plastic, Reconstructive and Microsurgery Consultant said replantation surgeries can be “complex and highly technical.”
The patient was presented to the hospital with a hand severed from his wrist.
“Elapsed time is highly crucial. As one of the most important factors to a successful replantation is less than six hours in the structures contain muscles,” said Al-Dhamin.
“We restored blood circulation within two hours, and the patient started moving his fingers within a week.”
The patient is expected to need extensive physiotherapy in the future, but his “recovery so far has been fantastic,” according to Al-Dhamin.
Replantation surgeries involve the surgical reattachment of a body part (such as the hand, fingers, or toes), with an average survival rate of the replanted parts being 80 percent.
The surgery team included Emirati surgeons Dr. Latifa Abdulla Al-Dhaheri, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Hamad Ahmed Al-Dhaheri, Medical Resident and Dr. Mohammed Nadir Sekkal, Specialist Physician, from the orthopedic team.

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