Six-year-old becomes Dubai Police officer for a day


Dubai Police surprised a six-year-old girl on her birthday by appointing her a police officer for one day.

Hoor Hadad was also given a ride in one of the force’s luxury police patrols.

The kind gesture is a part of Dubai Police’s ‘Fulfil a Child’s Wish’ initiative, which aims to spread happiness and positivity among children of different ages and nationalities.

In collaboration with Hamleys, the Security Awareness Department at the General Department of Community Happiness responded to the child’s parents’ request to surprise their daughter on her sixth birthday and fulfil her wish to be a police officer. 

A Dubai Police team visited Hoor’s school to celebrate her birthday and gifted the little girl a police uniform and familiarised her with some police duties by offering her a ride in one of their luxury patrols.

Hoor and her classmates were also entertained by a special K9 show by the Security Inspection Department (K9). 

The child’s parents expressed gratitude to the police for their swift and generous response and for fulfilling their child’s wish. 

Major Ali Youssef Yaqoub, Head of the Cultural Diversity Section at the Security Awareness Department, stressed the force’s keenness to enhance security and safety and instil happiness among community members, especially the youth.

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