UAE changes uniform for kindergarten girls in public schools


Just days after unveiling standarised uniforms for students across all public schools in the UAE, the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE) has alerted the design for kindergarten girls.

Taking to their official Twitter handle, the public school regulator said the change has been introduced after “taking suggestions from the parent community”.

The new design – white shirts/tshirts (PE) teamed with full length dark blue pants – will offer “students with comfort during the school day and achieve parents’ satisfaction”.

The authority added that in the future, any decision around uniforms will be taken after consulting the parent community, representatives from public schools and the educational field, and Emirati designers.

The new uniform is now available for purchase on their official website

The ESE has standardised uniforms for all grades (from kindergarten to Grade 12) in public schools for the new academic year.

They will be available for purchase from August 15.

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