UAE, Egypt discuss cooperation on money laundering and terrorist financing 

DUBAI: Officials from the UAE and Egypt have met to discuss the two countries’ efforts and coordination to counter money laundering and financing terrorism, the Emirates News Agency reported on Thursday.

Hamid Al-Zaabi, director-general of the executive office for anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing, met Ahmed Khalil, chairman of the board of trustees of the Egyptian money laundering and terrorist financing unit, and Judge Hatem Aly, regional representative of the UN office on drugs and crime for the Gulf region.

The meeting highlighted the key steps the UAE is taking to develop an effective system to combat financial crime and its partnership with the private sector.

The Egyptian unit also highlights ways to advance the national system and significant steps taken by Egypt.

“Continuous communication with our partners is one of the priorities of our national agenda in the executive office. International cooperation and knowledge exchange are at the core of the UAE’s efforts to fight financial crime,” Al-Zaabi said.

“We are also strong partners with Egypt on counter terrorism financing, and we value effective coordination with our partners there,” he said.

The meeting is part of efforts to strengthen the UAE-Egypt’s strategic relationship and highlight it as a model for Arab nations.

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