UAE lifts COVID-19 restrictions

DUBAI: The UAE government has lifted precautionary measures related to COVID-19 as the country further eases restrictions earlier implemented to protect public health.

Wearing masks in the UAE will now be optional in all open and closed facilities, including places of worship and mosques, except for health facilities and centers for people of determination, where it will be mandatory, Dr. Saif Al-Dhaheri, spokesperson of the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA), said in an earlier briefing.

“As for mosques and musallas, we also announce that praying on personal mats will be optional, as it is no longer mandatory after the date of activating the decision. As for the Al Hosn App use will be limited to proof of vaccination certificates and test results inside and outside the country upon request. Thus, green pass is not required to enter public facilities and sites,” the spokesperson said in a report from state news agency WAM.

Organizers of sports activities also have the option to require PCR tests or vaccination certificates as requisite to participate or attend their events.

“Last September, we announced several measures to ease restrictions related to COVID-19. Today, we announce the second phase of the easing of restrictions, after studying the epidemiological situation in the country while monitoring occupancy rates in hospitals and intensive care for COVID-19 cases,” Dr. Al-Dhaheri said.

Despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, PCR testing and treatment health facilities would continue to operate and individuals with positive results are still required to undergo five days of isolation to prevent spread of the disease.

Dr. Al-Dhaheri also clarified health authorities would continue to monitor the ‘epidemiological situation in the country, which are to be announced on an ongoing basis,’ and the recent announcements could be updated depending on the situation.

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