UAE marketing official wins World Media Award for content creativity

LONDON: The World Media Group announced on Tuesday that Khaled Al-Shehhi, executive director of marketing and communications for the UAE government, is the winner of its 2022 award for content leadership and innovation.

Al-Shehhi was awarded the honor by his peers for creating “exemplary content-driven campaigns that demonstrate brand bravery, creativity, and innovation,” WMG, a strategic alliance of the world’s leading media brands, said in a press statement.

As head of the government’s media office, Al-Shehhi has been at the center of many award-winning creative campaigns, including the transformation of the Burj Khalifa into the world’s largest donation box, which reached 4.6 billion people and raised over 1.2 million meals for those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Campaign effectiveness is just one part of this story,” the WMG stated. “Al-Shehhi has transformed the way a government entity approaches communications by making creative excellence the essence of its function. It’s clear the UAE media office behaves like a brand, not an institution.”

In response to the win, Al-Shehhi thanked the World Media Group, saying it “showcases the very best in content marketing, so I’m delighted to receive the award for Content Leadership & Innovation.”

“My goal has been to transform the way the UAE Government communicates by producing original innovative and creative content that positively impacts the lives of people locally, regionally and globally.” He said it was an honor for him and his team to be recognized by their peers.

WMG’s statement also cited Al-Shehhi’s ground-breaking initiatives to support the Middle East’s first mission to Mars including Double Moon, a regional-first projection stunt; and a limited-edition passport stamp for UAE visitors made of “Martian Ink.”

Al-Shehhi oversees and develops strategic plans and policies to increase the UAE’s digital influence and outreach.

His expertise has strengthened the UAE’s reputation as a hub for developmental, humanitarian, cultural and knowledge projects.

Al-Shehhi will receive his award at the Ham Yard Hotel in London on Thursday Sept. 8, where the final category winners will also be announced during a live ceremony.

The winner of this year’s Grand Prix Award will also be announced on the same night, joining previous winners London & Partners, Malaria No More UK, Shell, Sonos and Tata Motors as the ‘best of the best.’

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