UAE supports new shelter by charity fighting domestic violence in France

MONTGERON, France: The UAE Embassy in Paris has backed the inauguration of a new shelter to protect vulnerable women and children by French charity Léa Solidarité Femmes.
“I am proud of the UAE Embassy’s support to Léa Solidarité Femmes to protect women and children living in vulnerable conditions,” Hind Manea Saeed Al-Otaiba, the UAE’s ambassador to France, was cited as saying by the Emirates News Agency on Friday.
The charity inaugurated the first shelter of its network, Maison Solidarité Femmes 91, with the support of the UAE Embassy and the Île-de-France Region Departmental Council.
The event was attended by Al-Otaiba, Mayor of Montgeron Sylvie Carillon, President of the Departmental Council of Essonne François Durovray and French officials and representatives involved in the project.
The shelter will offer comprehensive support to women and children subjected to domestic violence to facilitate their extrication from vulnerable situations and enable them to rebuild their lives in a protected environment.
Al Otaiba said: “Empowering women in various fields is one of the UAE’s priorities and the focus of its leadership, as the UAE plays a regional and international role in empowering women.”
Léa Solidarité Femmes has assisted over 2,900 women and children, including 721 women and 904 children in 2021, since its inception 10 years ago.
The charity’s President Patricia Rouff said the missions of the Maison Solidarité Femmes 91 respond to a large number of needs identified over the last 10 years by its experts.
“It is thanks to the unfailing support of benefactors such as the UAE Embassy in Paris and Ile-de-France Region that Léa Solidarité Femmes can continue to take in and support women and their children who are victims of domestic violence,” she said.

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